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I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you for your skin care products.  I use the nighttime face cream every night before bed, and the difference in the fine lines around my eyes, and the general feeling of softness to my skin is remarkable. If I should forget to use it one night, I wake up and notice the huge difference in the sleep lines!  Needless to say, I'm motivated not to go without it!  I also love the buttery texture and delicate scent of the Nourishing lavender body butter. My hands and neck soak it up and feel so soft after I've used it. It absorbs quickly without an oily residue.  My lips are softer, without a waxy feel, or a funny aftertaste when I use the soothing lip balm. When I want a natural looking hint of color, and silky smoothness, I use the tinted lip balm.

~Lori, Scottsdale, AZ

**All-Natural Skin Care** We are so excited to finally get our All-Natural Skin Care products online!  Made with pure, non-toxic ingredients, we think you will love the look and feel of your skin after using our products. Lip balm, lotion, face cream, body salve, itch stick... try them all and let us know what you think!


Photography by Natalie S. Walker

~Tempe, AZ